Showing Your Home

The cliche is old, but true: you only get one shot to make a great impression and we are going to make you SHINE! 

Grab Their Attention From Hello

Buyers subconsciously make up their mind within 15 seconds of arriving to your home so curb appeal matters. 

* Cut the grass and bag up trimming and leaves 

* Trim the bushes and add fresh mulch to beds 

* Paint the front door and shutters 

Remember, your exterior paints the picture for how buyers will perceive the interior! 

Make it Sparkle

Cleanliness goes a long way in selling your home, so make sure the following are in tip-top shape:

* Clean interior and exterior windows to let beautiful natural light shine 

* Have the carpets steam cleaned and replace if necessary 

* Polish hardwoods floors and consider refinishing if in poor shape 

* Clean appliances, inside and out

Declutter and Depersonalize 

Buyers need to envision their own possessions in the space, make it easy for them:

* Take down family photos and replace with prints of a theme, such as flowers 

* Organize the closet and box up items not in season to make the space look more spacious 

* Remove magnets, calendars, and other items from the refrigerator 

* Clear all counter tops in both the kitchen and baths. A good rule of thumb is now more than 2 household appliances on the kitchen counter. 

* Repaint rooms that are too color specific. Ask your Realtor for a recommendation on color 

Repair and Replace

Trust us, it will cost you more if you wait for a home inspector to discover the items that have been on your honey-do list. Take control and make any repairs needed and replace the items beyond repair. 

* Check caulking around showers, tubs and sinks and repair if needed 

* Make sure the wax seal around toilets is in tact 

* Run water through all faucets and check for leaks below

* Open the crawlspace and evaluate, make sure vapor barrier is stretched properly. Remove any debris. 

Show Time Checklist

You've received the call and a showing is about to take place. Below is a quick checklist of items to complete:

1. Turn on ALL lights and open all the blinds, no matter what time of day or night 

2. Turn off the television and all devices 

3. Wipe down all counters and put all dishes away 

4. Make the bed and put all clothing away 

5. Tidy up all rooms, removing any clutter that has accumulated 

6. Extinguish any burning candles, safety first

7. Lock up any medications and firearms 

8. Leave! Yes, it is important that you are not present for any showings so the buyers can take mental possession of the home.