Pricing Your Home

We believe in setting expectations from the start. It is important for us to explain to Richmond VA home sellers that we do not determine the value of their home, the Richmond VA real estate market does. As your Richmond VA Realtor®, we have the knowledge and expertise to make a strong recommendation on what price we feel the market will support. Being honest and realistic when it comes to price is imperative in being ahead of the game. Remember, playing to win is always better than playing not to lose.


Pricing your home is as much an art as it is a science and that's where relying on our expertise is of utmost importance. Several factors will affect the pricing of your home, including:

Location - the cliche is true for the simple fact that it is nearly impossible to pick a home up and move it. Have a home on an amazing lot in a popular school district? You will command more money than the same home in a less desirable area. 

Condition - has your home been properly maintained with little work to be done? If so, you will likely attract more buyers who are too busy to take on a fixer upper. Condition is something you have complete control over, however not all improvements are created equal. Please be sure to consult us PRIOR to painting, adding granite, replacing carpet, etc. so we may help you in obtaining the highest return on investment!

Amenities - does your neighborhood have a pool, gym, and playground? These are all amenities and creature comforts today's discerning buyers are yearning for!

Competition - what does your neighbors home offer that yours doesn't? Is there new construction around the corner? Evaluating the competition and pricing accordingly will set you up for success! 

Market Outlook - it is crucial to assess the state of the Richmond real estate market in real time in order to price your home properly. In a sellers market you will have more leverage while a buyers market will provide Purchaser's with more bargaining power. 

We at RVA Home Team have the data and experience necessary to assist you in pricing your home properly and achieving your goals! Ready to get started? Contact your Richmond Realtor, Shannon Milligan, today to schedule your complimentary listing appointment today.