Dave Ramsey ELP


As a Dave Ramsey follower, I am honored to be an Endorsed Local Provider by Ramsey Solutions! 


In 2015, my husband and I took a hard look at our finances and decided we no longer wanted to live with the burden of debt. We met with a financial coach, read “Total Money Make-Over”, and started a monthly, zero-dollar budget.


The process was challenging, at first, however we soon became a real TEAM and wiped out all of our debt, except the house, within a year! Today, we are on “Baby Step 6” and have an action plan to pay off our home within the next couple of years. Oh how sweet that day will be, to have the FREEDOM of a debt-free life!


As your Richmond Dave Ramsey endorsed Realtor, my job is to assist you in navigating the sometimes complex Richmond real estate market and help you achieve YOUR goals with zero judgement and 100% support!


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