Making an Offer

Job well done! You have found a house that you are ready to call home and it is time to write an offer. This is where we will review the contract and determine specifics that are of upmost importance in achieving your desired outcome.

What Do You Need To Consider To Write An Offer?

  • Do you need/want to ask for the appliances?
  • How much do you offer?
  • Do you need/want to ask for seller paid closing costs?
  • How much EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) do you put down?
  • What closing date do you want?
  • What closing attorney/title company should represent you?
  • How long of an inspection time do you need?
  • Do you want to ask for a seller paid home warranty?
  • What deadline should you give the seller to respond?

These are just a few things we will be discussing with you when it comes times to write an offer. No worries, we will not only provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions, we will also guide you through each step of the process! Don't know how much to offer? We evaluate the comparable homes and arm you with stats. Not sure if you need closing costs? We work hand-in-hand with your lender to determine what it is you need to be financially sound in your new home. No matter the question, we have the answer!