Yes, This Richmond VA Real Estate Agent is in it for the Money

Yes, This Richmond VA Real Estate Agent is in it for the Money, This Richmond VA Real Estate Agent is in it for the Money - Yesterday when I woke up from a blissful sleep I browsed the Yahoo homepage for the latest real estate news and articles. I do this almost every morning looking for topics of interest to share with my friends, clients, and potential customers. I post everything from DIY tips to local news to real estate trends, it is something I really look forward to! When I noticed the Motley Fool article titled, "It's Official: Real Estate Agents Are in it for the Money," I must admit the hairs on the back of my neck stood up like my dog when she is about to get aggressive. I immediate read the article as it was like watching a car wreck - you know you shouldn't but your curiosity gets the better of you. The article was filled with generalizations, misconceptions, and was an irresponsible piece of journalism. (Is journalism even alive anymore? As a Communications grad that is a question for another blog topic. I am not so sure fair an unbiased even exists these days.) This "newsworthy" copy referenced an unpublished training manual found in some New York City apartment stating that real estate agents participate in tactics that are only meant to clinch the sale. The article also went on to mention the practice of a buyer's agent agreement being a "niche" market, in addition to quoting some celebrity Realtors. These agents shared some of their gimmicks to make sellers feel like the real estate agent is working on their behalf while their true intentions are to drum up extra business. To illustrate that point the article indicated open houses being done solely for the purpose of a Realtor to solicit more buyers rather than trying to get your property sold.

Yep, I am in Richmond VA Real Estate for the Money

This is the one sentence that is about halfway true in the entire article. Yep, I am in Richmond VA real estate for the money - that is, PROTECTING YOUR MONEY. Please allow me to make some corrections to the Motley Fool article: * There are bad apples in every industry and real estate is no different. However, MANY agents, including myself, are in the business to protect YOUR best interests. Remember, we don't get paid unless a closing takes place and a lot of us work by referral. How many referrals do you think you would send us if we were only in it for the money? At the RVA Home Team with Jefferson Properties NO SALE is more important than our client and their best interests. Period. * The concept of a Buyer's Agency Agreement is not some marketing tactic created as a niche for us to secure more income or clients. As a matter of fact, it became Virginia State LAW in July 2012 to have a buyer's agency agreement in place with a client before you tour properties or have a substantial conversation about a particular house. I just missed out on the opportunity to show a million dollar property because the customer would not sign a buyer's agreement. If I were in it for the money I would have taken that client WITHOUT the agreement in place, which would be against the law. This, friends, is called Integrity. * I have to be honest here and say I don't know many agents who like giving up their weekend to play Frogger by placing open house signs in the middle of a busy intersection and then sit for 2-4 hours while people parade throughout one of our listings. That is, if anyone shows up at all! Here is my personal opinion on open houses, and this is what I tell sellers during our listing appointment: It is YOUR decision if you want me to hold an open house. In my experience I have only ever sold one home from an open house. I prefer not to do them because usually it is just curious neighbors, but if you would like me to do one I am happy to do so. While I don't think your property will sell because of an open house, I know it WON'T if we don't try, but the decision is all yours. I rarely hold an open house these days unless it is requested by the seller.

If You Read it on the Internet it Must be True

The Internet is a wonderful thing. I wouldn't be able to write this blog without it. However, we must remember that just because we read something on the Internet that doesn't make it true. How many times have we read that a celebrity passed away just to find out it was a hoax? How many times have you "Liked" that picture of the cute kid with cancer on Facebook only to find out it is a scam? How many times have you read WebMD and diagnosed yourself only to go to the doctor a week later and realize you were WAY wrong? If you are like me, plenty of times! Remember, it is important to take what we read on the Internet with a grain of salt. The person who wrote this article likely has never walked a mile in a true professional Realtors shoes.

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