Why Isn't My House Selling? Richmond VA Real Estate

Why Isn't My House Selling? Richmond VA Real Estate

Why Isn't My House Selling? Richmond VA Real EstateWhy Isn't My House Selling? Richmond VA Real Estate - Inventory is low, interest rates continue to decrease, you read buyers are coming out in droves, yet your days on market continue to rise. This likely has you asking, "WHY isn't my house selling?!" First of all, you are not alone. Unfortunately, other sellers are asking themselves the very same question. Secondly, there is a cure and every house has a buyer! Below is a probable list of why you do not see that awesome UNDER CONTRACT sign in your yard when you look out your front window.

Location, Location, Location is KEY to Richmond VA Real Estate

It is so cliche and sellers are probably tired of hearing it. Heck, I am tired of saying it, yet it is TRUE. Location is a very important factor when it comes to selling your house. I know what you are thinking, "But I can't change THAT?!" I know, I have been in your shoes. When I was pregnant with our twins, I let my husband convince me to build a house across from a nuclear plant. I mean, DIRECTLY across from it. All I can tell you is when we came home from the hospital all of my senses came back and I looked at my husband saying, "what the heck did we do?!" Fret not. There is a cure. Read on.

Poor Condition Creates a Lack of Interest

The condition of your house directly impacts how fast you will sell. Unless you are a flipper, investor, or DIY-er, most buyers want to move in to a "turn-key" home. They want to set it and forget it. Projects are costly, messy, and time consuming. Heck, it is probably why you haven't finished the honey-do list you created when you first moved in! I am not playing the blame game here as we have all put on our rose colored glasses when it comes to our own home. Everything is good, right? Wrong. The good news is you have complete control over the condition of your house. First, make sure you hire an agent who will tell you like it is. FAR too many sellers will hire the Richmond VA Realtor who makes them feel all warm and fuzzy. Don't get me wrong, working with a friendly agent is great but this is a business transaction and you want an agent who will tell you the truth no matter what. I don't know about you, but I prefer a friend who will tell me when my zipper is down or when I am walking around with toilet paper on my shoe. Friends don't let friends look foolish and good Richmond VA real estate agents will give you advice on what needs to be done to put your best foot forward for the debut of your house for sale. Don't WANT to do any work? No problem. There is a cure despite the condition. Read on.

Lack of Marketing of Your Richmond VA House for Sale

You hired a Richmond VA real estate agent and are confident they are doing everything possible to make sure your property is seen by the masses in the best light. Are you SURE? Have they provided you with a copy of the MLS sheet? Are the pictures in order, free of people in the mirrors, and of professional quality? Is it accurate? Does the description make you want to purchase your own home all over again? Had your agent sent you links to the online marketing they have done on your behalf No? Red flag! With over 92% of buyers starting their home search online, you need to know what your agent has done to set your property apart. As I have written before, you should spy on your Richmond VA Realtor. If you find your marketing is not up to par, have a conversation with your agent! Be sure to communicate what you expect and they may rise to the occasion. If they don't, you may want to pursue other avenues. Many times the RVA Home Team with Keller Williams Realty has been the second, third, and even FOURTH agent in and we have been successful in getting the job done for our seller clients by implementing a proven marketing strategy and being held accountable for our work...the work YOU pay us for! Don't worry, there is a cure for this problem as well if you don't want to part with the current agent. Read on.

PRICE Trumps All in Richmond VA Real Estate

Is your property located next to a strip mall, backs to a busy interstate, or sits across from a nuclear plant? The one cure for this is PRICE. Set the price low enough and the train that runs through the back of your property no longer sounds so deafening to a buyers ears. Don't have the desire or the time to fix the condition of your house for sale? Drop the price to a point where a buyer would be CRAZY to walk away from a steal of a deal. Just be sure to take into account the cost of improvements AND the cost of inconvenience when selecting the listing price. Still don't have the heart to fire your Richmond VA real estate agent who is not exceeding your expectations? Choose a price that will make up for the inadequacy of your agent. When the price is low enough, buyers will be intrigued despite the poor pictures and will schedule a showing to satisfy their curiosity. When they arrive they will often find the house is much better in person and may make an offer. If you are asking, "Why isn't my house selling?," remember that there is a cure for all and price is the ultimate leveler.

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#1 By Suzanne Steele at 2/11/2015 7:25 PM

Good info for home sellers. Letting someone else sell my house was one of the most stressful things I ever had to do especially as the days creep up. It's nice to have some idea of what you can check on to make sure everything is firing on all cylinders. I am going to forward this article to a friend of mind who is stressing at this moment over these issues. Thanks for the info!

#2 By Shannon Milligan at 2/12/2015 5:58 AM

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and obtain valuable information! I certainly understand how a move can be stressful and I try to minimize that as much as possible for my clients. I wish your friend smooth sailing!

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