What's My Richmond VA Home Worth?

What's My Richmond VA Home Worth? 

Ever since the real estate market bubble burst many years ago, this has been a question many want-to-be sellers have been asking themselves: What's My Richmond VA Home Worth?

The good news is the Richmond VA real estate market has seen significant growth over the past two years and those who have been sidelined for awhile are now able to get off the bench and score that new home they have been dreaming about! 

While nothing beats the experience, knowledge, and expertise of a Richmond VA Realtor, the RVA Home Team has a new property valuation tool to help you achieve a broad view of what your home may be worth! How does it work? Simply click on the photo below, enter your property address, fill out the form, and you will instantly receive a report delivered right to your email!

RVA Home Team Full Service Seller Benefits

In addition to our property valuation tool, the RVA Home Team has added some new benefits for sellers who elect full service representation. One of the most exciting new benefits is professional photography! With approximately 92% of home buyers starting their search online it is imperative to give them a great first virtual impression. Let's be honest, don't you pass over Richmond VA homes for sale that do not have photos or, even worse, have photos that are dark or have subjects in the mirrors? (Do NOT let this happen to YOU: Texas Homeowner Includes Naked Bathroom Selfie on Listing Site.) Of course you skip that listing because a lack of a photo or bad pictures doesn't convey HOME to you. All it says is SLOPPY. We are proud to offer free professional photography to our full service sellers so we can showcase their property in the best light!

Another new benefit to our full service represented sellers is our free, 1-hour consultation with the nationally recognized professional organizers at Come To Order! An organizer will schedule an appointment to tour your property prior to the RVA Home Team placing it on the Richmond VA real estate market, will evaluate what rooms need de-cluttering, and will provide you with a comprehensive "to-do" list so when your house is found by the masses it makes the cut of homes buyers will want to tour! You can also independently hire the Come To Order team after your free consultation if you don't want to take on the work load yourself!

Richmond VA Realtor

These are just a few of the exciting changes at the RVA Home Team and we can't wait to share more with you! Have fun using the "What's My Richmond VA Home Worth?" tool and then contact your Richmond VA Realtor, Shannon Milligan, today to schedule an in-depth valuation of your property today!

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