Richmond VA Veterinary Care

Richmond VA Veterinary CareIf you are new to the Richmond VA area, you are most likely overwhelmed with finding new service providers who you can trust. Having relocated myself several times, I get it! Finding new doctors, dentists, hair salons, etc. can all be daunting. Well, here is a great recommendation for you and your furry family members! For outstanding Richmond VA Veterinary Care, turn to Shady Grove Animal Clinic in Glen Allen, Virginia. And, when you need emergency care, look no further than Veterinary Referral & Critical Care, Inc. (VRCC) located in Manakin-Sabot. We have been taking our two dogs, Bella & Jake, as well as our cat, Buddy, to Shady Grove Animal Clinic since the first day we relocated to Glen Allen. We have always been greeted with a warm welcome and the staff is top notch. My dogs LOVE going to the vet! However, two weeks ago we ran into a problem they just couldn't assist us with and referred us to VRCC. Our dog Bella had stopped eating while my husband and I were on a trip to Mexico. Upon our return, I immediately scheduled an appointment with Shady Grove. Seeing I was leaving for Greece in less than 24 hours, I was relieved to find out it was just a suspected upset stomach. I took off for a fabulous girl's trip to Greece and two days later my husband called me to say Bella still wasn't eating. I told him to take her back to the vet. He did so the next day and after further examination they determined she needed critical care and Bella was transported to VRCC. Upon my return to Richmond VA, I went directly to visit my precious "child." It may sound silly, but she is not just a dog to me. She was the much needed distraction my husband and I craved after two years of trying to conceive did not provide any results. She was the good luck charm who laid with me on bedrest for almost 9 months after I got pregnant with twins a month after bringing her home. She was the one I laid with on the floor in the living room for 4 months after an ACL surgery that kept her from going up steps. The staff at VRCC could sense this and allowed me some precious visiting time. After a week and a half of being in the "hospital" and countless tests, Bella was allowed to come home as she was once again eating. This was a BIG deal seeing she had been so ill. Yet, we had to wait for diagnostic tests and the liver biopsy to come back. We received those results yesterday. Bella has something called a copper liver. It is basically hepatitis in a dog, but one that is not viral. This is most likely hereditary. Since she is eating, we have a chance to prolong her life with medication. There are no guarantees how long we will could be weeks or, if she responds well to the treatment, we can have a couple of years. There are no real percentages...we just have to hope she continues to eat so that she can receive treatment. Veterinary Referral and Critical Care, Richmond VA Veterinary CareToday I went to VRCC to pick up the prescription and once again the staff went above and beyond. They were friendly, helped me fill out my Pet Insurance forms, and they even faxed all of the forms to my insurance provider for me. They have made a very stressful and emotional time much more manageable. If you are searching for excellent Richmond VA Veterinary Care, please consider Shady Grove Animal Clinic and Veterinary Referral & Critical Care, Inc. I can't say enought about them! Searching for a Richmond VA Realtor who takes the stress out of the Richmond VA real estate market? Or, simply want to ask me about my experience with these two terrific service providers? Give me, Shannon Milligan at the RVA Home Team with eXp Realty, a call today! 804-248-8207

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