Richmond VA Real Estate - Grin and Bear It

Richmond VA Real Estate - Grin and Bear It

Richmond VA Real Estate - Grin and Bear ItAs your Richmond VA Realtor, I wear a lot of hats. I am a chauffeur, a psychologist, a mediator, an analyst, a communication expert, and so forth. I am grateful to you, my clients, for allowing me to do what I love for a living. Blessed. However, Richmond VA real estate is not ALL I do.

You see, I am also a wife to an amazing husband of almost 13 years. We make a pretty darn good team. He supports my goals and I support his. When one of us floats a little too high in the air, the other is there to help reel us down to reality. It is a beautiful yin and yang. THE BEST THING we have accomplished together is creating TWO amazing human beings, our almost 8 year old twins, Luke & Caitlyn. We have found we both have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to parenting. John, my husband, is the calm yet stern one while I am the one who yells a little too much (I know, me, a YELLER?!) and am the first to roll up my sleeve to get 'er done. 

Parental Titles

Being parents brings its own set of titles in addition to our everyday work positions. Sure, we are mommy and daddy, but we are also Cupid, the Easter Bunny, and even Santa Claus, who has had his job made MUCH harder by something called The Elf on the Shelf, but that's another blog! 

Tonight, we get another turn at being the Tooth Fairy. It is great that life gives you many tries at getting things right as with the last attempt the Tooth Fairy failed miserably. The only cash the Tooth Fairy could find was some left over Euro's from when mommy and daddy went to Greece. After an impromptu scavenger hunt, and a little raid of the kids piggy banks, we managed to come up with $1.30. Not our finest moment. But tonight, tonight we are prepared!

You see, Luke has had a loose tooth for a LONG time now. Each night I, the official tooth puller, would wiggle it but the darn thing would not come out. John took the kids to the dentist this past week and the hygienist stressed the importance of getting that tooth out ASAP because the other one was already coming in. WHY didn't the dentist just pull it? He was too busy. That's right, I am now a dentist as well. So, each night we have wiggled, wiggled, and wiggled. FINALLY, tonight I took a hold of the sucker and I yanked and yanked until...I heard a POP! There is was, in the tissue. I have to tell you, in that very moment I felt as accomplished as I do when I sell a house in one day.

In my glory, I looked at my son who just had a stunned expression. I think he was trying to decide if it had hurt or not, but then he dashed to the bathroom as the blood started to pour out. I examined the tooth, with much pride, while my husband covered his eyes before he got light headed. 

Sometimes You Just Have to Grin and Bear It

When a job must get done, sometimes you just have to grin and bear it. John couldn't bring himself to pull Luke's tooth and neither could Luke, but I rolled up my sleeves and I did what I had to do. I admit it, I received enjoyment out of it! I did something the dentist was too busy to do! (I will NOT be accepting any appointments unless your name is Luke or Caitlyn, sorry.) This isn't unlike my career as a Richmond VA real estate agent. Countless times I have been in positions where I have to grin and bear it in Richmond VA real estate scenarios. But, that's what makes the career so rewarding. That feeling of helping someone obtain their goal!

Richmond VA Realtor

Tonight I am going to celebrate my son's loss of his tooth and his new gummy smile with double dessert. I will also be strapping on my wings to deliver the crisp $5 I have in my pocket. (We usually only give $1 but this one was extra special) But, tomorrow morning I will put my Richmond VA Realtor hat back on and will be ready to help knock out your tooth real estate goals and put that nice pearly white smile on your face! So, if you are ready to work with someone who knows how to grin and bear it, give me a call at the RVA Home Team with Jefferson Properties. I promise, it won't hurt a bit!



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