Richmond VA Real Estate Agent For Life

Richmond VA Real Estate Agent For Life

Richmond VA Real Estate Agent for LifeWhen you are selecting a Richmond VA real estate agent to sell your property or assist you in purchasing a home, you should assess your needs and goals for the relationship. Do you just want a Realtor in Richmond who will simply be transactional or do you want an agent who will build a relationship with you and be there in times of trouble? Neither is right or wrong, however you should consider what it best for you. At the RVA Home Team with eXp Realty, I would like to be your Richmond VA real estate agent for life. It is not just about future business, although I admit referrals are always welcome as they are the backbone to any thriving business. It is primarily about building and maintaining relationships so that I can provide you the best service possible.

Over the last two weeks I have assisted several former clients overcome some obstacles they have encountered.

One client called about a possible structural issue and I urged them to get a second, unbiased opinion. That guidance saved them $16,000! Another client forgot to transfer a utility into their name after closing two months ago, so I worked with them to make sure they did this properly and they are now good to go. Yet another has been hit with a special assessment in their taxes and I am doing everything in my power to supply them with the proper resources to overcome this unexpected issue. These are just some recent examples of how my clients chose a Richmond VA real estate agent for life. They take comfort in knowing they are not left dangling in the wind to figure things out on their own. While I may not always have the answer, I will certainly work to find solutions. In past situations, I am proud to say I have saved my clients thousands of dollars by going to bat for them when their home warranty protection plans denied claims I thought should be covered.

What do you want for you?

In my husband's business this is called the WDYWFY. What do you want for you? I encourage you to make a list of the traits and skills you would like to see in the agent you select to handle one of the largest financial investments you will ever make. Once you have a clear picture of what that person looks like, be sure you interview agents to make sure the attributes you want match up with the agent's philosophy. And, if you are looking for a Richmond VA real estate agent for life, give me a call as that's the type of service I have vowed to give!

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