Richmond VA Real Estate - A ReInspect is Priceless

Richmond VA Real Estate - A ReInspect is Priceless

Richmond VA Real Estate - A ReInspect is PricelessYou've hired your Richmond VA Realtor, you found your home sweet home, the property has appraised, financing is secured, and all parties have come to terms on the home inspection repair items. Home stretch, right? Almost. When I am working as a buyers agent, I request all home inspection repairs that the seller is performing to be completed by a state licensed contractor, to provide receipts at least 5 days prior to closing, and then a diligent Richmond VA real estate agent checks receipts. I am diligent. Many times, I will discover the work was not completed by a state licensed contractor and I have to go back to the listing agent to remedy the situation. However, there are times when the seller is in compliance to what they agreed to and everything looks good to go. Except...

I encourage my clients to perform a ReInspect of the property.

Why do a reinspect of the property when all the receipts are provided, proof of payment has been given, and the contractor is state licensed? It is simple: just because one is licensed doesn't mean they know what they are doing. It is the same when hiring a Richmond VA real estate agent, we are not all created equal. I have had several instances in the past where everything on the surface looks to be perfect. However, upon the reinspect, we find the contractor either didn't do the repairs at all, did them improperly, or caused additional defects when attempting to fix an item. Sure, we can do the walk through and likely discover a leak, but I am not an inspector or contractor and determining if certain items were repaired is beyond my scope.

Spending $150 now can save you THOUSANDS.

When closing time is near, a buyer has already spent a significant amount of money. They have given an earnest money deposit, they have had an initial home inspection which costs around $500, they have payed for a survey, put a deposit down on a moving company, and so forth. At this point, it may feel a tad bit painful to part with an additional $150 on a reinspect, however I promise it is the best $150 you may spend during the entire transaction. Recently I had a client perform a reinspect even though all the receipts checked out. To our amazement, almost all of the agreed upon repairs were not completed. We had to go back to the listing agent, submit a new addendum asking for the agreed upon repairs to actually be repaired, and we will have to pay yet another reinspect fee as trust has not been earned. Although my client doesn't WANT to pay another fee, they are savvy and understand spending $150 now can save thousands in the long run.

Do you have the right to a reinspect?

Absolutely! Page 6, section E, of the CVRMLS contract that is used in the Richmond Metro Area states, "...Seller grants purchaser or his representatives the right to make a pre-occupancy or pre-settlement inspection to verify that the condition of the property conforms to this agreement and to ensure that repairs, if any, have been completed." Know your rights, protect yourself, and understand that in Richmond VA real estate a reinspect is priceless.

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