Richmond VA Kitchen Remodel - Step 5 Installing Flooring

Richmond VA Kitchen Remodel - Step 5 Installing Flooring

Richmond VA Kitchen Remodel - Step 5 Installing FlooringIt has been awhile since I wrote about our kitchen remodel as, well, things got BUSY and problematic. That's okay. We are 99.9% finished, just waiting on one cabinet door to be replaced. For those who have been following, you last read the article on Richmond VA Kitchen Remodel - Step 4 Demolition and here is the next step, Installing Flooring.

Installing Flooring in a Richmond VA Kitchen Remodel

Once the kitchen was gutted and the joists were fixed underneath the sub-floor, it was time to install the ceramic tile we had selected. This part of the process took about 2 days to complete and I must say, there is nothing like seeing the flooring go down to get you excited about your project!

We decided to lay our tile down in a normal pattern as to save money as the more cuts the contractor has to make, the more expensive it will be. In addition, there is a small pattern in our tile and the countertops we selected also have a pattern, so we wanted as clean of a line as we could achieve.

Please note: some contractors will try and save you money by not placing tile under the cabinets, they will simply shim the cabinets so they are the correct height. I do not recommend this. If you ever need to replace your dishwasher, which at some point you likely will, then you will have to break up the floor to get the appliance out. It isn't that much more expensive to go ahead and have tile installed underneath your cabinets. If you went to the trouble of gutting your kitchen, don't stop short here.

Also, some contractors will try to take short cuts by not grouting the tiles under the cabinets. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Your entire tile flooring should be grouted. Had we allowed this, we would have had water seeping into the subfloor in between the tiles when a contractor accidentally programmed the dishwasher to come on when it wasn't set properly. Needless to say, we had a small flood to clean up. I am grateful we insisted on having the entire floor grouted rather than having the cabinets put in and THEN grouting the tiles around the cabinets.

Sealing Your Tile Flooring

Our contractor does not seal the floors. If your contractor doesn't do this, you either can hire someone to do it or DIY. Luckily, I have done this in the past as in our previous new construction home in Glen Allen VA the builder would not seal the floors so I tackled this project on my own. Tip: don't use the little roller brush to seal the grout. It chips/breaks up and then leaves a mess. In my opinion, a small painting brush would have been a better alternative. We have yet to seal the grout in our Richmond VA Kitchen remodel as we want to wait until the project is 100% finished so we can clean the floors. Here are some tips on how to seal grout.

And, that completes Step 5 of installing flooring. Stay tuned for Step 6, installing the cabinets!

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