Real Estate Agents and Vacations - Iberostar Grand in Riviera Maya

Real Estate Agents and Vacations - Iberostar Grand in Riviera Maya

Iberostar Grand Riviera MayaWhen Luke and Caitlyn, our boy/girl twins, were just 2.5 years old, my husband and I jetted off to the Iberostar resorts in Riviera Maya, Mexico for a little R&R. We initially booked at the Lindo, the level "3" resort at Iberostar but were immediately upgraded to the Mayan, which is a level 4. I think the man checking us in could tell we REALLY needed a break in paradise and hooked us up!

Staying there was great and just beyond the walkway was the top level, the 5th level, called The Iberostar Grand. The Grand is a special, adults only, resort which offers upscale cuisine, a quiet pool, a lively pool, private butlers, and the list goes on. (Seriously, they have a pillow menu. A PILLOW MENU!) We vowed the next time we returned we would stay there.

Fast forward 6 years and my husband and I have made good on that promise to each other, staying at The Grand in Riviera Maya 4 times since. The food never changes, the atmosphere is always the same, yet we return year after year because it is truly a place where one can escape from demanding careers and get lost in the turquoise blue water while laying under a private tiki hut with a butler serving fruity drinks. It really is a slice of heaven on earth. 

Richmond VA Realtors and Vacations

For years I never wanted to go on a vacation because there is that pesky "busy law": every time you book a vacation you get really busy with business. It is just the way it works. Each year we have gone, I would go to the lobby computers and check my email daily, negotiating this or providing that. I never truly escaped into that water I just wrote about. I would return home more stressed than when I arrived. That is NO FUN.

As I have progressed in my career as a Richmond VA Realtor, I now truly understand the benefit of taking a vacation. Not just for me. Not just for my family. But, also for the best interests of my clients. A clear mind keeps one SHARP and you WANT to hire the best Richmond VA real estate agent who is on top of their game!

Coba, Mexico This year, I enlisted a fellow agent to cover my business for me. I spoke with my clients months ahead of time and told them of my prior arrangements. I changed my voicemail to instruct clients and customers to call my colleague. And, I didn't check my email at ALL. (Okay, THAT part is not true. I did check my email daily BUT only to forward the emails to the people who were covering for me.)  Did I lose any business? One potential customer, but what I gained was far more important than a paycheck. Did I relax? You bet! Not only did I rest on the beach, I also talked my husband into going to Coba to climb an ancient Temple that is going to be closing within the next year. (REALLY wish I would have remembered my sneakers. I do NOT recommend wearing flip-flops for such a steep climb!) I had two, yes TWO, massages while my husband played golf. I ate the best ice cream I have ever had and savored it for the first time. All of the other years I would gulp it down to race back and check my email! This year was just what the doctor ordered. 

When I got home I emailed all of my clients and returned phone calls. I had to laugh as my fellow agent gained that client I wrote about above and that client hired her because his first agent was out of the country and had been unavailable for a month. Then he calls MY cell phone and hears the message that I am out of the country as well. However, due to my instructions on my voicemail, he called my fellow agent and asked if she was going to be staying put, ha! I am happy my fellow agent gained a new client while I gained some much needed rest and relaxation. My clients are sure to benefit from my absence and, truth be told, they were thrilled I took a little time off and were a little surprised I called them today...they thought I would wait until Monday. I know better than THAT - Back to Work!


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