Mourning Robin Williams, How Will YOU be Remembered?

Mourning Robin Williams, How Will YOU be Remembered?

Mourning Robin Williams, How Will YOU be Remembered?Nope, nothing real estate related today, just a little reflection.

As many, I was saddened to hear about the death of Robin Williams on Monday. It doesn't matter how at this point, he is gone. What does matter is the legacy he left behind. I don't often give too much thought about celebrity deaths simply because I didn't know them. I will think "what a shame" and then I move on. However, there are some, like Robin Williams, that kind of sting a little bit. I think it is because of the genuine spirit that transcended the movie screen and pierced you right in the heart.

My favorite movie of all time is Good Will Hunting. The story was beautiful and the acting was some of the finest I have ever seen, especially by Robin Williams. My favorite scenes are the one on the bench when Williams gives his moving monologue and the other is when he tells Will, over and over again, the abuse he suffered isn't his fault. That second scene really gets me every time.

How Will You Be Remembered?

I watched a little bit of the tribute to Mr. Williams on Good Morning America today and it really struck me how much of an impact the actor had on so many. It got me thinking, how will I be remembered? Sure, very few of us will have our lives celebrated so publicly, yet it is important to realize we all leave an imprint on this earth. Everything we say and do will leave a mark on another person and then that person will leave a mark, with a small trace of the imprint you had left on them. We are all interconnected in this unique and special way.

So how will you be remembered when you are called home? Whatever you do today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year...go make an imprint and make it DEEP! 

Richmond VA Suicide Hotline

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