Meet Lucy: Our Rescue Dog from Richmond Animal League

Meet Lucy: Our Rescue Dog from Richmond Animal League

Meet Lucy: Our Rescue Dog from Richmond Animal League The RVA Home Team is pleased to announce the newest addition to our roster: Everyone, please meet Lucy! 

Our family has been actively searching for a new furry family member for the past several months. We came close once with an adorable Yorkie Terrier mix named Chewie, however he had some aggression issues and needed to be in a home where he could be the King of the Castle and one in which had no young kids. 

As we contemplated what we needed and wanted in a dog, we kept coming around to Golden Retrievers. We searched high and low for a rescue dog, even contacting many of the groups who specialize in this breed. The one constant we encountered was a LONG wait list, one of which had over 30 families ahead of us and this breed is simply not given up that often. My husband thought we should go through a breeder, however I insisted we rescue. The pet population is too high and the thought of saving one melted my heart. 

We met potential new family members at the Richmond SPCA, went to countless adoption days at the big box pet stores, and visited the Richmond Animal League weekly. We also searched PetFinder. It was heart breaking to pass by so many deserving dogs, yet we knew the fit had to be just right since we have 7 year old kids, two adult dogs, one cranky cat, and two busy careers. 

Last week the kids happened to be out of state visiting their grandparents so we kept on searching. On our latest visit to the Richmond Animal League, we met Lucy, AKA: WishyWalks. She was described as timid but sweet. We met with Lucy twice and found she checked off all of the boxes, with one exception: she is a Shepard mix and not a Golden. Who cares?! We submitted our application and took her home the next day.

Shannon Milligan, Richmond VA RealtorWhen we brought Lucy home to meet our pure bred Labrador named Bella and our rescue Labrador Mix named Jake, they hit it off! And when Lucy met our 23 pound cat, Buddy, it only took one hiss and we were home free. The last hurdle was meeting the kids and that took place last night. Needless to say, they were in love! 

Thus far, Lucy has been wonderful. She seems to be house trained, having only one accident in the house and I think that has something to do with not feeling well. She is going to the Vet tomorrow for a check-up. Oh, and she is NOT timid at all! It took her all of 30 minutes to get comfortable in our home and she even herds the other dogs. While Bella (almost 9) likes her, Jake (4) has found a spunky playmate to chase balls with in our nice, fenced-in back yard. 

Adopting a Dog in Richmond VA

The RVA is a very pet friendly place, which can easily be witnessed by strolling around our countless festivals. (We met Chewie on the SPCA bus during the Monument Festival held over Easter weekend!) Below are just a FEW of the amazing rescue groups we have here in the Richmond Metro Area.

Richmond Animal League

Richmond SPCA

Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation 


Southside SPCA

Remember, adopting a pet is a commitment of 15 years or more. They require, and deserve, a lot of care, attention, and love. In addition, there is a financial implication to adopting a pet. You must factor in trips to the Vet, medications such as flea & tick preventative, food, etc. Be sure you discuss your lifestyle openly and honestly with the adoption counselor as you need to find your perfect match!

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