Mechanicsville Home for Sale Under Contract

Mechanicsville Home for Sale Under Contract

Mechanicsville Home for Sale Under ContractRecently I met a new client who had made the decision of buying her first home. With rates on the rise, as well as housing prices, now is a great time to invest in home ownership and stop paying the landlord. My buyer and I spoke about wants and needs for her new place and set up property tours. Off we went!

Think with your head and then your heart.

On our very first trip out to tour homes for sale in Mechanicsville, my client found a wonderful single family, colonial style home that was meticulously maintained and within the budget. This home had everything on her list: 4 spacious bedrooms, 2.5 awesome bath rooms, a formal living room, large family room, kitchen with a sunroom, and a fenced in yard on a level lot. The catch? It wasn't in my clients desired school location. While there are compromises to make in Richmond VA real estate, location really shouldn't be one of them. As your Richmond VA Realtor, I can do a lot of things, but moving your home is beyond my scope and abilities. While my client mulled over making an offer, I reminded her the importance of location, location, location. I explained she could find another home in her desired location and could make updates over time, but ultimately the decision was hers. She decided to pass. We scheduled another day to tour homes and on our journey we uncovered two homes that met my clients criteria. The new dilemma was too many choices. I will take that problem any day of the week! Once again a decision was to be made by my buyer. She found properties in her desired location, so priority number one was met. House A had a larger lot and a more closed off floor plan. House B had more square footage and a very open floor plan. Both had lake views. I now urged my client to take into consideration structure over, say, granite. It is much more difficult to make a closed floor plan into an open one but it is very easy to add granite to a kitchen. My buyer thought about this overnight and called me the next day to say she wanted to write an offer on the more open floor plan property as she just loved the flow of the house.

Understanding a contract when you make an offer.

Being a first time home buyer, my client naturally had lots of questions and I encouraged them! We met at her office and went over each paragraph of the contract with me explaining what each one meant. After-all, the contract is between the buyer and the seller so a lot of responsibility lies on them. It is my job as a Richmond VA real estate agent to ensure my client understands what she is agreeing to. I loved that my client was so diligent, even checking the property disclosure website, the sex offender list, and calling the schools to verify they were what was represented on the MLS listing. Virginia is a buyer beware state so due diligence is of great importance.

Submitting an offer and negotiation.

I submitted the offer to the listing agent with a response deadline of 24 hours. Within hours negotiations were completed and our respective clients were ratified. I called my client to congratulate her for being under contract to purchase her first home and to outline the next steps. We immediately lined up the home inspection and copies of the contract we routed to all parties involved.

Satisfying Contingencies.

My client has seven days from ratification to make formal loan application with her lender. In addition, we will complete the home inspection, negotiate any repairs to be made, order an appraisal, and satisfy any other contingencies left on the contract. Then my client will head to closing and receive those sough after keys to her new home!

RVA Home Team with eXp Realty.

Once again, I am proud and grateful to have assisted another client in navigating the Richmond VA real estate process! This Mechanicsville home for sale is under contract and I am ready to help guide you through your very own journey! Contact me at the RVA Home Team with eXp Realty today!      

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