Is Your Realtor Packin' Heat? - Richmond VA Real Estate

Is Your Realtor Packin' Heat? - Richmond VA Real Estate

Is Your Realtor Packin' Heat? - Richmond VA Real EstateLast week the real estate community mourned the loss of Arkansas Realtor Beverly Carter. Mrs. Carter met a man, posing as a customer, at a vacant house and she never came home. After days of searching her body was found and Arron Lewis was charged with her abduction and murder. 

While we don't know all of the details, we do know that Beverly told her husband of her plans to show a property and gave him the address. That is more than some agents do. She was practicing what she thought to be a safe procedure. Sadly, it didn't really matter. 

Richmond VA New Home Sales Consultant Sexually Assaulted

While many Richmond VA Realtors started to re-evaluate safety policies for their business amongst colleagues, we were hit with our own local tragedy. This past week a man went to a new construction model site, asked to tour the property, and proceeded to sexually assault the female sales consultant. Fortunately the woman wasn't killed and was sent to the hospital with what has been disclosed as non-life threatening injuries. However, I can't imagine the mental and emotional toll this will take.

This attack on "one of our own" has hit close to home, just on the heels of Beverly Carter's murder. Naturally agents are discussing new safety protocols for their businesses, including requiring that all new prospects who want to tour a home meet in the office/public place FIRST, have a pre-qualification letter that can be verified, and allow a copy of the prospects license and car tags to be made. Many offices are implementing policies where agents submit their home tour schedule into the office, make check in calls, and use a buddy system for open houses. Our local Association of Realtors is also hosting several FREE self defense classes for all of its members. These are all wonderful things yet some are taking it a few steps further.

Is Your Richmond VA Real Estate Agent Packin' Heat?

As the discussions continue on social media, the idea of carrying a concealed weapon has been brought up countless times. Of course there are already agents who are carrying a weapon and you would never know it. And, that is the point. It isn't there to scare legitimate clients, it is hidden in the event an agent runs into a "customer" with bad intentions. And, this isn't just exclusive to the real estate industry, there are many people who have a concealed carry permit for their own protection.

Is Your Richmond VA real estate agent packing' heat? It is called "concealed" for a reason, so you likely will never know. The best defense for a Realtor is to recognize red flags BEFORE one puts themselves in an unfavorable situation. The best way for me to defend myself is by "vetting." My questions are not meant to interrogate you into some sort of confession, they are simply there to help make sure I return to MY HOME that evening. So, if you contact a real estate professional, please take a moment and put yourself in their shoes. We meet strange people all the time. Most of the time these strangers become clients who then become friends and, I can tell you with certainty, that is AWESOME! Just this evening I went to a former clients wedding! That's what this business is about, forming lasting relationships and helping you achieve your real estate goals. But, every now and again we will run into an unsavory character who isn't looking for the guidance of an expert Richmond VA Realtor, they are looking for a target. Help us not be a victim and I promise you, we will help YOU find that place to call home, that safe place to fall. 

Weigh In On Your Opinion

I am curious. What is your opinion on a real estate agent carrying a concealed weapon? What about other professions?  There is no right or wrong answer, just how you feel. For those who do carry a weapon, I want to stress how important gun safety is and you best be 110% sure you are going to use it if you are going to pull it. If you don't carry, I want to stress how important it is to continually take self defense classes and to be vigilant in all you do. Agents need to remember it is OKAY to turn down potential business when you feel something isn't right. That paycheck just isn't worth it. It is NOT WORTH IT. And, as a client/customer/consumer please remember we want to be invited to those baby showers and weddings, so help us by accommodating us with what may be little annoying tasks to you, but are life and death decisions for us.

RVA Home Team, Richmond VA Real Estate

Here at the RVA Home Team with Jefferson Properties we are committed to excellence for our clients and for our profession. THANK YOU in advance for your cooperation and we look forward to working for you!

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