Helping Kids Adjust After Moving

Helping Kids Adjust After Moving - Richmond VA Real Estate

Helping Kids Adjust After Moving - Richmond VA Real EstateWow! What a whirlwind the holidays were for our household. Just before Thanksgiving we decided to sell our Glen Allen house and move to a new home in Midlothian. We listed our property after an intense 48 hours of an all hands on deck deep cleaning and organizing session. The madness paid off with us being under contract in just 10 days! (Man, my husband knows how to pick a great Richmond VA real estate agent - ha!) Before we actually made the decision to sell, we sat down with our 7 year old twins to discuss their feelings on moving. My daughter, Caitlyn, was ALL for it! She is a social butterfly and loved knowing she would make new friends. My son, Luke, on the other hand was pretty apprehensive. He is as shy as he is funny and he didn't like the idea of having to go to a new school. We kept the dialogue open and took the kids on a tour of the place we wanted to purchase. Having deer run through the yard and huge leaf piles helped ease Luke a little, but he wasn't completely convinced. As we continued to speak as a family about this large decision, we all had a meeting of the minds and were 100% on board. One of things we did to help our children adjust to moving was to plan the move around the holiday break. Yes, this brought about extra stress on my husband and me, but we knew it was best for the kids. We wanted to move while school was out of session so we could get them settled into our new home and go back to school when all the kids would be returning at the same time. Another thing we did was to take them out of their soon-to-be old school early and let them tour their soon-to-be new school. By expressing some of our concerns to their teachers prior to our visit, they were able to be prepared and accommodating to the kids. Luke and Caitlyn received a 15 minute tour of the new school and they got to sit in for about 30 minutes of what would be their new class. We have now been in our new home for just a little over a week and the kids have had two days of school. When they came running through the door yesterday with excitement that resembled Christmas morning, I knew we made the right decision for our family in moving. They have both already made some new friends and are excited to be learning Spanish, something that wasn't offered in their previous school. Helping kids adjust after moving requires a lot of preparation before you actually pull the trigger. Keeping the lines of communication open and discussing fears while finding solutions to their apprehension is key. And...bribing them with a new swing set doesn't hurt either ;) Searching for a knowledgeable and skilled Richmond VA Realtor who "gets it?" Give me, Shannon Milligan at the RVA Home Team with eXp Realty, a call. I welcome the opportunity to assist you or just give you some insight into our personal obstacles and how we got over the hurdles!    

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