Gratitude in All Things: A Look back at 2014

Gratitude in All Things: A Look back at 2014

As I watched my Facebook feed New Year's Day, I was a little surprised by some of the posts. Many of my friends stated how they were happy to see 2014 go. While I understand WHY many of them would write that - after all, I was following their ordeals over the past year - it struck me that maybe some of them missed the lessons they were blessed to receive in the midst of their hardships. 

Let me back up a moment. A few years ago, my grandfather passed away. Technically, he was my step-grandfather as my biological grandpa died several years before I was born. So, yes, my grandma had to lay to rest the two great loves of her life. After the funeral, I re-read a book my grandma had written for me when I got married. It was loaded with tidbits of information: what her favorite color is, how much a loaf of bread cost when she was a kid, old stories how she met "both" of my grandfather's, etc. One thing that struck me was when she wrote about the death of her first husband and how "God is good in ALL things," even in the death of her husband, the father of her 4 children. She praised God for the good times and the bad. 

That little passage in my treasured book has stuck with me and I have come to appreciate...the hard times that fall upon us all. While some of my friends had a difficult 2014, they also have come through the other side. Dare I say stronger? Smarter? A couple of years ago, my husband lost his job. Man that, well, sucked. Yet, for the first time in our adult lives we didn't panic. We didn't say, "why us", we simply put our heads down and went to work putting together his resume and trusting that the universe, God for us, had bigger and better plans. Turns out, it/HE did. My husband received an offer for an even better job and my business flourished. I wouldn't take back a second of that and I am thankful it happened. Like Garth says, "I could have missed the pain...then I would have missed The Dance."

I did not experienced anything devastating in 2014, at least nothing I would categorize that way. Sure, I have had my fair share of trials but I have also had my unfair share of triumphs! The thing is, I wouldn't have had one without the other. I wouldn't know the sweet taste of success if I had not failed. Maybe I didn't have it as bad as my friends, or maybe I had it worse...The one thing I can say is it is reasonable to think our perspectives differ. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. 

As 2015 starts to chug along, I wish you all a a LIFETIME...of good health, happiness, and HOPE. 2015 won't be without it's own struggles. We will all be challenged and pushed and tested. But, with a little faith and perspective, may we find gratitude in all things. 

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