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Richmond VA Realtor: Experience Matters, But What Kind?

Richmond VA Realtor: Experience Matters, But What Kind?When I graduated from college with a degree in Communications and Public Relations, I worked for approximately six real estate offices in Upstate NY as the Marketing Manager. In this role I was responsible for placing hundreds of listings of homes for sale in the local papers, event planning, press releases, and creating content for the once popular listing books - you know, the magazines you would pick up at the local grocery store to find your dream home. This was a fantastic way for agents to showcase their clients home for sale and get the SOLD sign in front of the house. Oh my, how far we have come! When I left that position due to a relocation for my husband's job to Virginia, I obtained my real estate license. I quickly aligned myself with a multi-million dollar top producing real estate team in Northern Virginia. Lucky for me, my mentor was not only with the times, she was light years ahead of other agents in the business. She knew, and taught me, you always have to be the leader in your field. It isn't good enough to just place a home for sale in the MLS and throw in a newspaper ad. NO! She embraced technology and all that it had to offer. This is where I cut my teeth. I brought this knowledge and business model with me when I went out on my own with the RVA Home Team at eXp Realty as your Richmond VA Realtor. Now, I have been licensed for four years. Not a newbie, but certainly not experienced like an agent who has 30 years in the Richmond VA real estate market. No, I bring a different kind of experience to my clients who buy a Richmond VA home with me or trust me to sell their Richmond VA property. My experience is that of cutting edge technology such as blogging, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.), website creation, and video. In addition, I am constantly attending events, seminars, and webinars on the latest advances in technology and how that affects the real estate market. Did you know that according to the National Association of Realtors, over 90% of home buyers used the Internet to start their home search? Over 90%! How about that newspaper ad? Just 27%. And, that "popular" home book? Just 18%. Clearly, Richmond VA home buyers are turning tech when it comes to finding their next home sweet home. This is an important statistic for Richmond VA sellers - it is imperative that your Richmond VA real estate agent is experienced with Internet marketing. An all encompassing, heavily technology based program to get the SOLD sign in front of YOUR yard! So the next time you invite Richmond VA Realtors into your home for a listing presentation to get your house sold, keep in mind that experience doesn't end with how many years an agent has been in the business. Experience is the whole package: knowledge, passion, and a cutting edge marketing plan. Don't just dismiss the agent who has "only" been in the business for a year. Some of the best agents I have worked with are the ones with the biggest vision and not necessarily the biggest portfolio. And, the same holds true for the seasoned agents...there are some very savvy veterans of the business. My point is when it comes to selecting a Richmond VA Realtor: Experience matters, but what kind?

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