Does Your Richmond VA Real Estate Agent Go Above and Beyond?

Does Your Richmond VA Real Estate Agent Go Above and Beyond?Whew! What a crazy week it has been for me in the Richmond VA real estate market. This past week I had two final walk throughs, two closings, a buyer's presentation, a listing appointment, and many other behind the scenes tasks. It was busy and I loved every minute of it, however Thursday was a first in my career. Does your Richmond VA real estate agent go above and beyond? That is the question I was asking myself on Thursday when I found myself assisting a seller, NOT my client, move so that MY BUYERS could close on time and not lose out on time off work, paid hotel stays, moving company delays, etc. You see, the seller of my clients new home had not moved out his belongings by the day of settlement. We are talking approximately 4000 square feet and YEARS of furniture, decorations, and paper memories. The listing agent was preoccupied with something else that day and luckily had a fellow agent on his team who goes above and beyond the call of duty. At 7am on the day of closing, I received a text from this wonderful agent telling me he and his friend had gone to the Richmond VA home for sale and had started assisting the seller with packing but that there was no way they were going to be done in time to close. As I was reading this message, I ran through the possible scenarios my clients faced and came to the conclusion we were backed into a corner. In that moment, I had to be willing to do things other wouldn't do in order to achieve success. I quickly changed into shorts and a T-shirt, laced up my shoes, and drove 20 minutes to the property. Yes, I helped move the seller so my buyer could have a chance of closing on time. As I was loading boxes into my vehicle, I was impressed by the other agents determination to accomplish the task at hand. This wasn't HIS listing. He wasn't getting paid anything for his time. Actually, he was losing out on money to be made as he was trading precious prospecting time for moving a man he had no relationship with. He wasn't a "that's not my job" kind of guy and I was thrilled to witness an Richmond VA real estate agent go above and beyond. It took until 2PM to get the seller completely moved out. My buyers were delayed a few hours in closing, yet we got it closed that day! Sitting in my shorts and T-shirt and handing over those keys never felt so good! I went home that evening spent yet feeling very proud that this agent and I both stepped up and did what had to be done not because we HAD to, but because we wanted to...we both had a common goal and that was looking out for the best interest of the clients involved. So the next time you are contemplating which Richmond VA real estate agent you are going to hire, be sure to ask them if they go above and beyond....and HOW! Thinking of buying or selling in the Richmond VA real estate market? Contact your Richmond VA Realtor, Shannon Milligan at the RVA Home Team with eXp Realty, because we are the company you keep!

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