Do I Need a Richmond VA Realtor to Buy New Construction?


Do I Need a Richmond VA Realtor to Buy New Construction?

Home in Collington VAMany home buyers are under the assumption that they do not need a Richmond VA Realtor to buy new construction. Technically, that is correct. Then again, technically, you don't need a real estate agent to buy or sell a resale property, either. Most people see the benefit of having a Realtor by their side yet are often willing to forego an agent when building. Why is that?

The Benefits of a Richmond VA Real Estate Agent with New Construction

There are many benefits to having a Richmond VA real estate agent when building your dream home. Let's take a look at them: *Contrary to popular belief, an agent oftentimes CAN negotiate a better price, or options, on your behalf. Sure, you can try to do this on your own but you are not armed with the market data that a skilled Realtor has studied. Partner with the EXPERTS! *You have your very OWN representation, someone who puts YOUR needs above their own. What about the site rep? They work for the builder, which is the SELLER. They are there to look after the best interests of the builder, not yours. *A Realtor can help you with selections for your new home, taking into consideration market trends and resale value. Now, if you really want those purple countertops we are not going to stop you but you better believe we will at least point out the downside for when you move on. *Dedicated agents will encourage you to have a home inspection, two actually, and they will be present to help you decipher the real estate lingo the project manager will be throwing at you. (TWO inspections? Yep. If you don't know what they are, make sure you have a REALTOR!) *A great agent will be at the final walk-through and closing to make sure everything is tied up in a nice, pretty bow. Did you cho0se stainless steel appliances and the builder put in white? Your Realtor will help you make it right. Things can, and sometimes will, go wrong. Having a professional along for the ride will take a lot of stress off of you so you can focus on the fun stuff like...PAINT! *Speaking of paint, your agent will be a wonderful resource for you BEYOND the closing. Need a reputable painter? Check. Need a electrician to install those custom chandeliers you purchased? We have you covered. Need to know who has the best pizza in RVA? No worries, we are local experts and will gladly share our knowledge!

Pitfalls of Having a Realtor During the New Construction Process

Now that you know the pros of having a Richmond Realtor to assist you in the new construction process, what are the cons? Take a look: * Nada. Nothing. None. Zero. Zilch. Zip. I honestly can not think of one reason why it would not be to your advantage to have your own representation.

How Much Does a Realtor Cost When Purchasing New Construction?

Many buyers building new construction think it will cost them money to have a Realtor but that is generally a misconception. Most builders will cooperate with real estate agents and pay their commission! In most cases, it will cost you NOTHING!

Richmond VA Real Estate and New Construction

Thinking about buying new construction in the Richmond VA real estate market? Don't go it alone! It is important to secure your agent BEFORE you visit a sales center! Contact your Richmond VA Realtor, Shannon Milligan at the RVA Home Team powered by eXp Realty, today!

New Construction Homes for Sale in Richmond, Virginia

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