Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?You've come online, found the house you want to purchase, secured your mortgage with a lender already, and have even pulled comps to have a pretty good idea of what your dream home is worth. You are probably asking yourself, do I need a real estate agent? Yes, and let's take a look WHY.

Richmond VA Real Estate Agent as a Sherpa

The other night I sat down to watch a movie with my husband. "Everest" happened to be on, you know the one starring Josh Brolin and Jake Gyllenhaal? It is a fantastic movie that illustrates the challenges and risks one takes when attempting to fulfill this goal. Well, a real estate transaction is much like climbing Everest with conditions changing on a dime and pitfalls you can't always see. That is, unless, you have a Sherpa to guide you!

You see, a Richmond VA real estate agent is like a Sherpa. First, they are there to reduce the risk of something going wrong. An experienced, skilled agent has climbed this mountain before therefore they know when you should pivot or when to sit back and hold the line. Second, a Richmond VA Realtor is there to help carry the load of the transaction. You may not realize it, but opening doors to view a property, or just sticking a sign in the yard, is nothing compared to the actual details of a transaction. Your agent will assist you with aggressive marketing of your property (we know where the buyers are!), analyzing detailed comps ('cause we all know the comps pulled from Zillow are widely inaccurate as the CEO says so himself), write offers and counter-offers (which is a LEGAL document), schedule inspections (physical, radon, termite, etc), coordinate title, work with mortgage lenders, be a buffer between you and the other side of the party, and bring you around the bases in a safe manner. Finally, we real estate agents will comfort you along the way. Now, that may sound silly at first but think about it. If you were climbing Everest you would want a buddy to help you out of a jam (like you falling on a ladder when there is nothing but certain death beneath you), to give advice on everything from your choice of clothing to what items are important to pack and what items will just weigh you down, to having someone give you a high five when you achieve your goals. You see, a great Richmond Realtor will not only be there from beginning to end, they will be there afterwards to help you relive the triumph of your big day!

Realtors Don't Sell Homes, They Sell Confidence

As a Richmond real estate agent, I don't just sell homes. I am there to instill confidence in you to achieve the American Dream, just as a Sherpa is there to support you in pushing your body to reach the top of a mountain many used to think was an impossible feat! When you work with me you don't have to figure out what the comps are for a home, I know them. You don't have to decipher a legally binding contract, I understand it. You don't have to coordinate the umpteen steps during a transaction, I know it like the back of my hand. You don't have to figure out what roofer to call once you close and have a leak, I have those tools in my bag! You see, when you work with me as your Richmond real estate agent, you have you very own real estate Sherpa!

Best Richmond VA Realtor

Best Richmond VA RealtorHave I answered the question of "Do I need a real estate agent?" It is my hope that you see the benefit of having an agent by your side! You are probably asking how you find the best Richmond VA Realtor to be your personal Sherpa. It is easy! Give me, Shannon Milligan at the RVA Home Team with Keller Williams Realty, a call today so we can map out the safest way to achieving your Richmond VA real estate goals!

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