Conscious Uncoupling in the Richmond VA Real Estate Market

Conscious Uncoupling in the Richmond VA Real Estate Market

Conscious Uncoupling in the Richmond VA Real Estate MarketConscious Uncoupling in the Richmond VA Real Estate Market - Several months ago I met with some previous clients who I had sold a new construction home to the year before. They wanted to sell their property for several reasons and wanted me to do a limited service agreement for them as they just didn't have the funds to pay a commission. I went to visit them and after talking it out, they realized they needed to hire a Richmond VA Realtor to get their home sold. We discussed pricing with a lot of back & forth, as well as the challenges of reselling a property in a new construction area. I told them THEN that it would be difficult and that after three weeks we would need to adjust the price if we didn't have any offers. They agreed to it and guessed it, they went silent on me when it came time for a price reduction. I won't get into the specifics but will say there was one opportunity that presented itself but my clients weren't interested. After some almost begging, they reduced the price but not to the price I recommended.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Fast forward to month 4 of the listing. I receive a call that they want to take the house off the market and take a break. As I tell all of my clients, if you are unhappy with my work, I will let you out of a contract. If you aren't happy as a client, chances are that I am not happy either and this process doesn't need to be more stressful than it already can be. I asked them if they were sure and kindly requested that they let me know if they are going to sign with another agent as, frankly, it stinks to see your old listing in the MLS with a new agent. They told me it wasn't that and they just wanted to take a break. I sent the release and wished them well. I don't know if I was Ross or Rachel in this episode of Friends! Now, imagine my surprise when I open up the MLS and see they listed with another agent just a few days later. I was crushed. Sure, we had consciously uncoupled with both parties agreeing to part ways amicably, but it still stung a bit to see they found a new girlfriend. I sent a text message to just wish them well and to say I hope I find the buyer. They responded with a "It isn't you, it is us" kind of thing. I knew how Dear John felt in that moment.

It's Me, Not You

Although I was bummed about losing the listing, I had to accept the fact that it was ME and not THEM who was at fault. Sure, they took away my chance to sell the house as they wanted out of our agreement two months early and I had worked REALLY hard for them, however here is the fact of the matter: I should have never taken the listing to begin with! I told them the price was too high but I took it anyway. I didn't take it for the listing or sign calls, I knew there would be little sign calls due to the location. I took it because they needed help and I so desperately wanted to be the hero for them. In all of my years, I had never lost a listing nor had anyone ever asked me to let them out of their contract as I work very hard at my relationships and my business. Hindsight is 20/20 and I learned a lesson. Sometimes consciously uncoupling is the only thing to do. There need not be any hard feelings as I truly want the best for them and I want to see them get that SOLD sign in their yard. So, what happened to the listing? It has been on the market for two additional months and remains active. And, it is at the price I originally recommended. Of course it is! Have you ever had to consciously uncouple?!

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