Calling an Audible - The Play for Sellers Remorse

Calling an Audible - The Play for Sellers Remorse

Calling an Audible - The Play for Sellers RemorseCalling an Audible - The Play for Sellers Remorse - We are knee deep into the football season and many watch in anticipation if Peyton Manning will call one of his famous audibles on the field. It is a moment of excitement and anticipation, something we football fans live for in a game. Those not familiar with football may be asking, "What the heck is an audible?" Simply put an audible is when the quarterback changes direction mid-play from what the coach had instructed. Why call an audible? Because the quarterback quickly assesses the desired outcome of the play will not happen with the original strategy. This maneuver can also be beneficial in the game of real estate.

An Audible is a Play for Sellers Remorse

Real estate agents say it all the time, "Your first offer is often the best offer," yet some sellers tend to be emotionally tied to their property and do not heed the advice of their trusted Realtor. At the end of the day, we can draft the best play but the seller is the one in the huddle actually calling the shots. So, what if you are a seller, received an offer, and now have a severe case of sellers remorse? Are you wishing you would have taken that first offer as subsequent offers have been less than stellar? Don't panic, there is still hope! Simply call an audible! Calling an audible is the play for sellers remorse. For example: You are listed at $500K and you receive an offer for $480K. It didn't work out. Then you receive another offer for, yikes!, $450K. You are receiving showings yet offers are not pouring in and the feedback is not positive. As a Richmond VA Realtor my suggestion would be to call an audible mid-play and see if the buyers of offer 1 are still in the market. There is no shame in changing strategy and making a reverse offer! A reverse offer? Yes! Your listing agent can go back to the buyers of offer 1 and make THEM an offer on your behalf as a seller. Don't allow pride to get in the way of your ultimate goal of selling and moving on. A win is a win on the record books, no matter how messy the game may have been played.

Will Making a Reverse Offer Give the Buyers the Upper Hand?

I know what you are thinking, going back to the buyers of offer 1 seems a bit desperate and will give them the upper hand. While I can see where one may think that, I view a reverse offer as just the opposite. YOU are taking control of the situation and are calling the shots! Do you think Peyton is considered desperate? I think NOT! Ask yourself this question: what is the worst thing that can happen? They don't accept your offer and you are still on the same yard line as when you started. Big deal! Now, ask yourself this one last question: what is the best thing that can happen? The buyers were thinking about the "one that got away" and now they are presented with another chance at their dream home! And, you get that much deserved trophy under contract sign in your yard! By taking emotions out of the real estate process you WILL get to the end zone and walk away victorious!

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