Are You Having The TIme of Your Life?

Are You Having The Time of Your Life?

Time of My Life, Patrick SwayzeI can still remember being a teenager and watching Dirty Dancing on television and feeling so uncomfortable with my Dad walking in during some of the sexy scenes. Can we all say: AWKWARD! I was never a "fan" of Patrick Swayze the way I am of, say, Matt Damon, yet I always liked his movies. Recently I have been reading a lot of business books and my husband suggested I give it a rest and read something to escape. I thought a biography would be good so I started looking on my IPad and came across Time of My Life by Patrick Swayze. I instantly recalled his battle with pancreatic cancer and also remembered how much courage he had while living on borrowed time. (Aren't we all?) So, I purchased it and I have to say, this is a motivational book if I have ever read one. The first thing that struck me was the tone of the book. I literally could hear Patrick's voice talking to me. He did have a distinctive sound in life and it made the words all the more real. The second thing I enjoyed was learning his back story, starting when he was a kid and the amount of pressure he felt to be the best at everything. He talks about that fear of letting people down and harnessing the fear to use it to overcome the MANY challenges he would face in his lifetime. Finally, I loved discovering all the things that take place on a movie set that we as an audience never get to see. Time of My Life by Patrick Swayze isn't just an autobiography. It is an inspirational story where one admits his faults, takes responsibility, and understands when one dream dies another one is about to embark. In a profession where we as real estate agents are judged each day on whether a buyer or seller "picks us" to work with, it is easy to relate to the story of Patrick Swayze. Just as he describes the lows of not winning a part in a movie or the praise from peers for a tremendous performance in blockbusters such as Ghost, we all need to remember that with each door that closes, a window will open. I highly recommend you read this book by a man who went to work everyday on a television show called, "The Beast", while in excruciating pain. Patrick Swayze didn't sit around waiting to die. On the contrary, he stood up each and every day to live. I think if he were alive today he would certainly say he had the Time of His Life! Can you say that? I don't want to ruin the book for you, so here are just a few facts I learned about Patrick Swayze. You will need to read the book to understand the context and uncover what an example this man can be to you and your life: -Professional Dancer -Pro-football hopeful -Olympic hopeful -Martial Art student -Singer/Songwriter -Actor -Accomplished horse rider -Perfectionist -Beautifully flawed What non-motivational books have motivated you? Please share! I would love to know so I can add another to my reading list. I am now reading Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox and am finding out just how deep down some can reach to see the Glory in ALL things. Searching for a motivated Richmond VA real estate agent to help you achieve your goals? Contact me, Shannon Milligan at the RVA Home Team with eXp Realty, today!  

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