Alright, STOP! Collaborate and Listen in the Richmond VA Real Estate Market

Alright, STOP! Collaborate and Listen in the Richmond VA Real Estate Market

Alright, Stop! Collaborate and Listen in the Richmond VA Real Estate MarketAlright, STOP! Collaborate and Listen in the Richmond VA Real Estate - Did you ever attempt to ride a seesaw by yourself? Go ahead, try it! I think you will find you will go nowhere FAST! A Richmond VA real estate transaction is much like a seesaw. You have an agent on each side of the lever trying to go up and down, while the clients are delicately balancing on the pivot point called a fulcrum. To make the seesaw work, one agent must cooperate with the other by putting their feet down and pushing up into the air while the other agent then reciprocates. While the agents are pushing away, listening to each other yell "Go Higher!", the clients must do their part the keep each Realtor balanced on their side of the lever.

Does Your Richmond VA Realtor Collaborate and Listen?

When you are selecting a Richmond VA Realtor to represent you in a real estate transaction, you want to be sure you select a partner who knows how to collaborate and listen. All agents are not created equal and some simply keep their feet planted firmly on the ground while the agent representing the other side is stuck in the air with no way to get down. Some might start off with a nice back and forth motion, only to get distracted and jump off the seesaw which results in the other agent crashing down HARD. When this happens, the clients who have been pivoting with the motion also come to a screeching halt. In this scenario, there is no win-win or goals achieved. All that is gained is some bruised bums! How do you know if your Richmond VA real estate agent is one who knows how to play the game? Through interviewing and references. Trust me, our reputations precede us and all it takes is a little intuition when selecting who is going to be a seesaw star!

Don't Jump Off the Seesaw, Change Positions!

Things are not always smooth sailing and, sure, sometimes there will be challenges that come up in a real estate transaction. This is why it is important that your agent understands torque, which is the force of rotation at the correct angles. For example, if I were to get on a seesaw with my 7 year old daughter, it will be difficult for us to make it work due to the differences in our weight. However, when I reposition myself on the seesaw, we can enjoy a nice ride with the breeze blowing our hair back as we rise into the air! When a client has needs that alter the flow of the seesaw, a good Richmond VA Realtor will not loose their cool and will react calmly by adjusting their position so that the ride can continue uninterrupted!

Richmond Virginia Real Estate Market

Ready to begin your search in the Richmond VA real estate market and head to the park for a nice seesaw ride? Then give me, your Richmond VA Realtor at the RVA Home Team with Keller Williams Realty, a call today! 804-248-8207

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