A Skilled Richmond VA Realtor Protects Their Clients

A Skilled Richmond VA Realtor Protects Their Clients

Locking Horns 210887 © Carolyne Pehora | Dreamstime Stock PhotosThe other day I was concluding a home inspection with a client. As we parted, my cell phone rang and it was the listing agent. The agent had some concerns as a real estate appraiser had contacted him via email informing of the appraisal date and asked for a copy of the contract as the bank had not provided it.

An Appraiser Asking for a Copy of the Contract is Not Unusual

As a listing agent myself, I understand an appraiser asking for a copy of the contract is not unusual as some banking systems can take an extended amount of time to upload the contract to their portals. However, in this case a red flag was raised as when the appraiser emailed the listing agent, he only identified himself by his first name, "Jeremy". The appraiser provided no company name, address, or contact information. They simply emailed asking for a copy of the contract. The listing agent didn't feel comfortable giving out information and thus asked me to call the bank to verify an appraisal had been ordered.

When Working with an Appraiser, the Lender Must Have "Arms Length" Contact

I agreed with the listing agent that there was a red flag and that I would call the bank. After all, a skilled Richmond VA Realtor protects their clients and their confidential information. I spoke with the lender who confirmed an appraisal was indeed ordered, however they could not tell by who or what company. After explaining the situation, the bank instructed me to tell the listing agent to have the appraiser go back into the portal to obtain the contract as it had been uploaded. The appraiser could not contact the lender directly as they must have arms length contact. This simply means a third party ordered the appraisal on behalf of the lender so there is no bias. I passed this information on to the listing agent who emailed the appraiser back with the next step.

The Party Who is Quick to Anger Loses

About an hour later my phone rang and the man identified himself as "Jared." Jared told me he was the appraiser and was clearly irritated that the listing agent told him to call ME. Jared was upset the listing agent would not give him a copy of the contract and wanted to know if I would please email it to him. I explained to Jared the situation, how a red flag was thrown up, and that I was instructed by the bank NOT to give a copy of the contract and that he could access the portal to receive the information in question. Jared was now hot under the collar. He proceeded to yell at me about how unprofessional it was for us as agents not to cooperate with the appraiser. I calmly stated our position again, reminding "Jared" that he first identified himself as "Jeremy" to the listing agent and that alone was enough to cause us to pause. Jeremy laid into me once again and I stood my ground declaring neither I nor the listing agent would provide a copy of confidential information to a basically unidentified party. I explained that the listing agent and I are both skilled Richmond VA Realtors who protect our clients and are simply watching after their best interests. I also calmly stated that I do not appreciate being verbally attacked and that he would simply have to take this up with the person who hired him - the third party.

Experience Dictates Response

In this situation, the listing agent and I both had the backbone to stand up to the appraiser and not give in to his demands. Less experienced agents may have caved to the pressure of the appraiser, but that is not in the best interest of the client. As Richmond VA real estate agents our jobs are to protect our clients and sometimes that means not winning the popularity contest.

Selecting a Richmond VA Realtor Who Will Be By Your Side

Searching for a Realtor in Richmond who will be by your side and protect your interests? Give me, Shannon Milligan at the RVA Home Team with eXp Realty, a call today! *Photo of Locking Horns by Carolyne Pehora, Dreamstime Stock Photos.

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